Mavroudis Global Transportation & Logistics

Our Philosophy

In the complex arena of international shipping and forwarding, reliability is only half the game - the easy half. Expertise is the other. With a little dedication anyone can strive to be reliable, but it takes years of experience to claim to be an expert.

For over 65 years the "Mavroudis" family has been a leading name in shipping and forwarding. For nearly half a century we have exhibited consistent expansion in our range of intermodal transport system by air, air and land, while upholding a thoroughly professional standard.. We enjoy a reputation for a superior service .

Our strategy focuses on offering a comprehensive range of integrated services and our emphasis is on efficiency. We are committed to the principle of on-time delivery every time. We take care of all the details of your shipping transactions - precisely.  The scope of our supporting activities include packing, storage, handling, monitoring as well as issuing cargo insurance. These services are rendered under Mavroudis Global Transportation and Logistics Ltd. From our  Head Office in Nicosia, and branches in Limassol and Larnaca, "Mavroudis" specialized staff is readily available to cater to our clients on a personal basis and offer tailor made solutions. Our ability to control every step of the shipping process, including efficient routing and tracking of cargo from pick up to delivery, lets you relax. We can provide continuous information on the status of your shipment by air or by sea through our connection with our exclusive data interchange network. We are dedicated servicing your cargo needs, and we look forward in providing you superior service.

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