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If your company is making sales and/or purchases within the EU above the value thresholds, you are obligated under EU & Cyprus legislation to complete a detailed intrastate return on a monthly basis. Failure to comply can result in an initial fine and daily penalties until the issue is resolved and a compliant process is in place.

Intrastat Management Solution our company can offer

These legally required declarations consume time and resources within your company and do not generate any profit. However there is now something your company can do to meet their obligations and make savings.

In the area of Intrastat, Mavroudis Global Transportation and Logistics Ltd can undertake filing the monthly intrastate declarations on your behalf thought our fully computerized system, and save your company time and resources, while delivering a highly compliant and cost effective solution.

Key Benefits

  • Full outsourcing of your intrastat obligations
  • Cost Effective Service
  • Experienced and Capable Representation
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Management Reporting
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