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Coronavirus: Cyprus ‘ready’ for July 1 launch of EU’s Green Pass

June 23, 2021

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The EU digital certificate enters into application throughout the EU on July 1 but other countries, such as Italy, already have the Green Pass system up and running.

The pass is valid for those who have been vaccinated, or have tested negative or have recently recovered from Covid-19. It will be available in a digital form but a paper version can also be requested.

According to the EU Commission, it assisted member states in developing the national software and apps required to issue, store and verify the certificates.

Cyprus currently uses the SafePass which is set to be superseded by the EU’s Green Pass.

And while the EU certificate was primarily made to ease restrictions on travel throughout the bloc, Cyprus has opted to use it domestically and will require it at points of service (cafes, bars and restaurants).

The European Commission has previously issued a Q&A about the coronavirus certificate.

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