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Port of Rotterdam sets tariffs agreement through 2024

December 14, 2021

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The tariffs that will be applied to both inland and maritime shipping are in line with inflation and the most recent developments in the market, according to a statement.

The indexation of the port tariffs for 2022 amounts to 2.5%, while for the two subsequent years, these amount to 2.4% and 2.3%.

The port authority has also announced it will apply a number of discount schemes for port charges, including for sustainable ships and frequent visitors, for whom two regulations will be adjusted.

"In order to provide substance to this drive, discussions will take place on how the exchange of data and further digitalisation can be used in an even more targeted way to increase the efficiency of the port," stated Kees Groeneveld, VRC Chairman.

In addition, Allard Castelein, president and CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority said, "We have managed to arrive at tariffs and discounts per segment that are competitive in comparison to the other ports, that represent market developments in the relevant segment and that reflect the social costs and benefits."

The discussion partners, VRC, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Deltalinqs, which represent 95% of all logistics, port, and industrial companies in the Dutch port, have also agreed to investigate how the port of Rotterdam can further expand its sustainable shipping.

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